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Connect Tableau to OBIEE up to 80% faster – Introducing BI Connector 1.2

When your market and competitors are incredibly dynamic,  anything that slows you down must be at the top of your fix-it list.  Well, it is at the top of our list.  We prioritize BI Connector roadmap exclusively based on how we can help you to take better business decisions faster and how to connect Tableau to OBIEE with 80% faster.

But we didn’t rest there.  Today, we are happy to announce the availability of BI Connector 1.2 with significant improvements that will allow you to connect Tableau to OBIEE data up to 80% faster.  If you have 100s of subject areas with 1000s of tables, BI Connector will load OBIEE metadata on demand based on what you need instead of loading it all upfront.   This allows you to:

  1. Connect from Tableau to your OBIEE Subject Areas faster
  2. Load Subject Areas, Tables, and column information faster
  3. Create Tableau extracts and worksheets for OBIEE data faster.

If you are wasting your most scarce resource – Your Time – to manually import OBIEE data into Tableau and if you believe that you have better use for it elsewhere,  BI Connector 1.2 helps you to reclaim your scarce resource back.   On top of that, it would pay for itself in just under 3 hours!

Download the latest version from the Free Trial page and experience the sheer joy of visualizing OBIEE data in Tableau.  We can guarantee you that the experience is unbelievably magical!


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