FAQs on Tableau, Power BI, Qlik to OBIEE BI Connector


Quick Q&A on BI Connector!

My company is planning to retain OBIEE, but also using Tableau/Power BI. Would BI Connector help?

Yes. You can retain OBIEE and help users to connect from their favorite tool to OBIEE subject areas and reports.

I am a Tableau/Power BIconsultant/VAR and interested in using BI Connector for my clients. Does BI Connector have any partner program?

Yes. If you are interested in learning more about the BI Connector Partner Program that offers margin, training, and support to partners, please contact us.

What are the prerequisites for BI Connector?
  1. 64-bit Windows Operating System
  2. .NET 4.5 or higher
  3. Windows Administrator privilege for your PC to install BI connector
  4. URL, username and password for your OBIEE environment
What are the OBIEE features available via BI Connector? What are the limitations of connecting via BI Connector?

You can visualize data from OBIEE subject areas and reports using BI Connector. The limitations of connecting using BI Connector depends on the visualization tool and are often the limitations of the visualization tool themselves. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us to schedule a deep-dive session.

What versions of OBIEE does BI Connector work with?

BI Connector works with OBIEE 10g, 11g, and 12c.

What is the licensing model for BI Connector?

BI Connector Desktop Edition is licensed per user.

BI Connector Server Edition for Tableau to OBIEE is licensed based on the CPU cores of the server machine if Tableau Server is licensed based on CPU cores. The minimum number of CPU cores is four. If Tableau Server is licensed based on the number of users, BI Connector is licensed based on the total number of users for the Tableau Server. For Tableau Online users, BI Connector is licensed based on the total number of Tableau Online users.

BI Connector Server Edition for Power BI to OBIEE is licensed based on the CPU cores of the server machine in which Power BI Gateway is deployed. The minimum number of CPU cores is two.

Can you share some details on the company developing BI Connector?

BI connector is developed by Guidanz Inc, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company. Guidanz was founded in 2010 and specializes in business intelligence and analytics products. In addition to BI connector, Guidanz has also developed Skedler, an easy to use reporting and alerting solution for customers using Elastic Stack. BI Connector is designed, developed and supported by a passionate team of analytics and BI experts based in U.S., Canada, and India

Can I get an extension of the free trial period for BI Connector?

Yes. We offer an extension of up to 30 days to help you complete your evaluation. Please contact us.

Does BI Connector support SSO integration?

BI Connector supports integration with SSO modules such as Oracle Access Manager, Windows Native Authentication, SAML etc. SSO integration will enable users to log in using their SSO credentials. Because of the limitations of Tableau Server, Power BI Gateway, BI Connector does not support automatic log in. Users should log in to OBIEE data sources using their SSO credentials.

Since each SSO deployment is different, SSO integration is offered as a Professional Services effort based on Statement of Work (SOW) at an additional cost. SSO integration starts at $9,500.

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