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BI Connector version 3.3 is released

BI Connector version 3.3 was released on April 25, 2018. The new release includes metadata preload automation, easy offline license activation and more. Users should upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

Metadata Preload Automation

BI Connector accelerates search and loading of OBIEE reports by pre-loading and storing metadata in its cache.  Pre-loading was a manual task before v3.3.  Starting version 3.3, users and server administrators can schedule automatic metadata refresh as per their business needs.  Users can still manually pre-load metadata for newly added OBIEE reports.

Learn more about Automatic Preload of metadata based on specific time interval.

Offline License Activation

Having trouble activating the BI Connector license due to proxy issues or lack of internet access?  BI Connector now provides a self-service approach to offline license activation.   With a few clicks, you can quickly activate BI Connector license and start visualizing your OBIEE data in Tableau, Power BI or Qlik Sense.

Learn more about Offline License Activation of BI Connector.

Windows Native Authentication(SSO)

BI Connector now supports Windows Native Authentication for OBIEE login.   If your OBIEE Server uses Windows Native Authentication (SSO),  Users can now connect from Tableau to OBIEE using their SSO username/password.  Please note that users need to enter the username/password in BI Connector to connect to OBIEE and it is not an automatic sign-in.

Battle-tested BI Connector Got Even Stronger

BI Connector version3.3 includes significant enhancements to our battle-tested, patented query processing engine to support complex queries generated by Tableau and Power BI users.  BI Connector’s proven query processing engine efficiently converts complex Tableau/Power BI/Qlik Sense reports into optimal OBIEE queries.

Free 30-day Guided Proof of Value Program

Since OBIEE is unlike any other data source concerning complexity,  we offer a free 30-day Proof of Value Program.  This program includes:

  1. A copy of the BI connector for evaluation
  2. Introductory call to understand your deployment environment, goals and objectives.
  3. Provide an overview+demo of BI connector capabilities.
  4. Free installation and support including Best Practices
  5. Weekly follow-up calls to answer questions.

We invite you to take advantage this guided program and experience the benefits of BI Connector for free.

Get your 30 Day Free Trial today!

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