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BI Connector Upgrade from v4.x to v5.x

BI Connector v4.x End-of-Life Support:
Everything You Need to Know

The BI Connector versions v4.x (and below) will reach the end of life on August 12, 2022. The BI Connector license server for these versions will be shut down on that date.

So, if you’re using v4.x on your machine, now is the right time to upgrade to v5.x. Please take a few minutes to read this blog post entirely to know everything about the upgrade.

Deadline to Upgrade

The deadline to upgrade to BI Connector v5.x is August 12th

We highly recommend you upgrade well before that date so you avoid a last-minute rush, and continue visualizing your OBIEE data without any service interruption after August 12.

Time Taken for the Upgrade Process

The upgrade process is easy and simple. You can complete the entire process in a few minutes

The exact steps to upgrade are also provided in this blog post.

What will happen to the Existing DSNs and Reports?

Once you follow the steps provided below and upgrade to v5.x successfully, the DSNs and the reports you created with the 4.x will be retained in the newly installed v5.x.

What about the license key?

A valid license key, that’s activated on a BI Connector v4.x version will also work with the v5.x version. The licenses’ validity period will not be affected by the upgrade.

Steps to Upgrade to BI Connector v5.x

Now let’s quickly run through the steps to complete the upgrade.

It’s just a 4-step process, which starts with identifying the version you currently use.

Step 1: Find the BI Connector version on your machine

Please go through the steps here to find the BI Connector version that’s currently installed on your machine.

Is the version you use already v5.x? If yes, then no action is required. If not, please go through the steps below.

Step 2: Note down your current license key

You can note down your current license key using the following steps:

  • Open the ODBC 64-bit console on your machine. 
  • Select any DSN configured using the BI Connector Driver, and click Configure
  • Click on the key 🔑 icon at the top right of the BI Connector window that opens. 
  • Copy the Activation Key and save it on a notepad. You’ll need this key in step 4 again.

Step 3: Install BI Connector v5.x on your machine

Based on the specific connector installed on the machine, please use the steps in the appropriate installation guide:

ConnectorStep-by-step Installation GuideComments
Power BI Desktop to OBIEEHere

Please go through only up to the Installation step in the guides linked in this table.

Once the installation is complete, please refer to the Activate the license key step given in this blog article.
Power BI Gateway to OBIEEHere
Power BI Report Server to OBIEEHere
Tableau Desktop to OBIEEHere
Tableau Server to OBIEEHere
Tableau Online to OBIEE

Step 4: Activate the license key

Follow the steps below to activate your key online in the newly installed v5.x version

  • Open the ODBC 64-bit console on your machine. 
  • Select any DSN configured using the BI Connector Driver, and click Configure. Now the license window of the newly installed BI Connector v5.x will open.
  • Fill your information as required. Please note that a valid work email must be entered on the Email Address field.
  • Delete the default trial key shown in the Activation Key field. Then copy and paste the key you saved to a notepad (in step 2 provided in this blog post) into the Activation Key field.
  • Click Activate

Note – If you want to use an offline activation, please follow the steps here.

Once the license is activated at step 4, you’ve successfully upgraded to BI Connector v5.x. Now you’re all set to continue visualizing OBIEE data on your existing Power BI or Tableau reports or to create new reports!

Attention to Tableau & Power BI Admins

Is your organization using the BI Connector Server Edition? 

If yes, please use the same steps provided above on the Server machines (on which the BI Connector server edition is installed), in order to verify/complete the upgrade.

What If I Miss the August 12 Deadline?

If you miss the August 12 deadline, you won’t be able to use BI Connector until you upgrade to v5.x.

You can upgrade to v5.x anytime (even after the deadline) using the steps provided in this blog post, and continue using BI Connector.

What’s Absent in v4.x But Available in v5.x?

As BI Connector follows an agile development process, we continually make improvements and add features to the product.

 In the last 2 years, we made significant improvements and added several new features to BI Connector, such as

  • Connectivity to Oracle Analytics – OAC/OAS
  • Self-service license management
  • Automated license reactivation (for online activations)
  • Improved query handling
  • Ease of use

So you get several advantages by upgrading to v5.x!

Queries Related to The Upgrade

We’ve provided the answers in this blog post for all the potential questions (pertaining to the upgrade) we anticipated. Please use this blog post as your quick reference source for anything related to the upgrade.

If you have further queries, please feel free to contact [email protected]

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