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Say Hello from Tableau 10 to OBIEE with BI connector v2.2.4

The wait is over!  Get ready to fire up your Tableau 10 and connect to OBIEE.

We are excited to announce the availability of BI connector v2.2.4.   BI connector v2.2.4 provides seamless access from Tableau 10 to your most valuable Customer, People, Financial, and Supply Chain data sources in OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports.   Of course,  you can use it with Tableau 9 and OBIEE 10g, 11g, and 12c.

Tableau 10 is a powerful upgrade with a brand new look and feel, cross-database joins (which we love),  mobility enhancements, new connectors, enterprise features and more.

We put together a short demo of Tableau 10 + BI connector v2.2.4 + OBIEE.   Check it out.

Cross-database join of OBIEE Subject Area with CSV file data

Cross-database join is a new powerful feature in Tableau 10.  It is now easier to combine data from multiple data sources.  For example, you can combine your Sales data from OBIA with department data in CSV/Excel/SQL and analyze the results.

Check out this demo on how to combine OBIEE data and Excel data with Tableau 10 and BI connector.

Connect from Tableau 10 to OBIEE

Ready to try the new features in Tableau 10 with OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports?

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