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Stuck with OBIEE 10g

Stuck with OBIEE 10g and want to get to the modern world?

Believe it or not, you are not alone.  Many companies are still using OBIEE 10g as their business intelligence tool. We have seen several reasons for it. Many organizations do not have time, resources or budget to work on the upgrade. There was one case where the customer allocated significant resources to OBIEE 11g upgrade during the early 11g releases and found it too buggy to be able to complete the upgrade. OBIEE 11g patches have since resolved a lot these issues but it was too late for that customer to restart the project again.

We have also seen situations where companies tried to move to a new BI tool from OBIEE 10g but were never able to complete it.  So, some of the reports and data are still available only in OBIEE 10g. Sometimes, the people who developed the RPD in OBIEE 10g have moved on and there is no institutional knowledge to replace it or upgrade to OBIEE 11g. Whatever the case may be, OBIEE 10g is here is to stay for several more years at many companies.

Since the user interface is so outdated and the kind of reporting that is possible in 10g does not meet the modern visualization needs of users what tends to happen is that the users download the data from OBIEE 10g either manually or schedule an excel or csv export to a shared folder. Then they manually upload it into Tableau or similar tools for visualization and mash-ups with other data. This long winded process leads to outdated data and security risk by proliferating data in multiple folders and laptops.

Use Tableau as UI for OBIEE 10g with BI connector

BI connector can help Tableau users connect directly to the presentation layer in OBIEE 10g as well as OBIEE 11g. They can connect with absolutely no changes necessary to the OBIEE 10g environment or RPD.  There is no additional burden on the IT team. In fact, customers who have both OBIEE 10g and OBIEE 11g environments can actually mash-up the data from both systems in Tableau using BI connector!

See a demo of how a Tableau user can mash-up OBIEE data and CSV data using BI connector:

With BI connector, business users can use the powerful and modern visualization capabilities of Tableau with data coming from OBIEE 10g or OBIEE 11g. Users can avoid the risky and time consuming process of exporting data from OBIEE 10g environment. Meanwhile, IT can take the time to decide what you want to do with your OBIEE 10g environment. You can upgrade it to OBIEE 11g or move the reports and data to another tool or leave it as is in OBIEE 10g and Tableau with BI connector. The choice is yours.

Download the BI connector trial version and connect Tableau to OBIEE 10g in minutes.

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