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A beginner's guide to Oracle Fusion Analytics- ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX

A Beginner’s Guide to Oracle Fusion Analytics


With rapidly evolving global markets and competition, enterprises today need to be agile and flexible. They must ensure better alignment within the organization. Different business functions, such as finance, human resources, and supply chain, should work without silos and align with business objectives. 

Organizations need an analytics system to extract valuable data from these business processes and utilize them to drive better outcomes. Oracle Fusion Analytics is a family of analytics applications that empowers users to derive insights and improve decision-making.

Through this blog, we explore more about Oracle Fusion Analytics, its components, features, and benefits. We will also look into Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse and how to make the most out of data. 

What is Oracle Fusion Analytics?

Oracle Fusion Analytics is a family of cloud-native, pre-built analytics applications for analyzing data from Oracle Cloud Applications. Fusion Analytics enables users to eliminate data silos and have a holistic, trusted view of business performance.

With data collected from different departments, data analysts and other professionals can gain insights and make informed decisions. For instance, organizations can analyze data from HR and Finance departments to evaluate how employee performance impacts profitability.

Fusion Analytics Apps offer role-based dashboards to analyze and visualize core business processes. It also reduces cross-departmental analysis complexity with a common data model and dozens of subject areas. 

Fusion Analytics Products include:

  1. Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics
  2. Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics
  3. Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics
  4. Oracle Fusion CX Analytics

What are Oracle Cloud Applications?

Before diving into the features of Fusion Analytics and various products, let’s take a look at Oracle Cloud Applications. 

Oracle Cloud Applications/Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications is a complete suite of SaaS apps to manage operations in different business areas such as finance, supply chain, and human resources. 

With advanced AI capabilities, users can automate manual processes and analyze relevant data to build resilient operations and improve business outcomes.

The suite of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications include:

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): 

For financial management, procurement, performance management, compliance

Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM : 

Includes talent management, workforce management, and payroll

Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM: 

For supply chain planning, manufacturing, logistics, and product lifecycle management

Oracle Marketing: 

For B2B & B2C-related cross-channel marketing, campaign management and advertising

Oracle Sales: 

CRM selling tools for sales automation, subscription management, and partner lifecycle management.

Oracle Service:

For customer self-service automation, agent-assisted service and field service

Features of Oracle Fusion Analytics Applications

Oracle Fusion Analytics is bundled with advanced capabilities that empower users to make the most out of their data. Some of the features include:

Pre-built KPI library

Users don’t have to define or develop metrics, instead Oracle Fusion Analytics comes with more than 2300 ready-to-use KPIs, metrics, dashboards, and reports.

Cross-departmental analytics

Fusion Analytics removes data silos and redundancy for cross-departmental analysis and provide a single shared data model. It helps connect over 70 departmental subject areas. 

Rapid deployment

Users need not worry about custom schema or ETL to build and maintain. With easy-to-use configuration tools and no-code feature, Fusion Analytics ensures rapid implementation.

Continuous and connected 

When new data is added or schemas changed, Fusion Analytics is updated. The cloud-native data platform is connected to Oracle Cloud Applications so there is no disruption in analysis.


Oracle offers multiple extensible components users can choose, eliminating time-intensive process of duplicating data. Users can integrate external data from different sources such as SAP, Salesforce, and more.


Role-based security is synchronized with Oracle Cloud Applications. This ensures data is secured and users don’t have to maintain separate security profiles.

Oracle Fusion Analytics Products

Here’s an overview of different Fusion Analytics products:

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics

With Fusion Analytics ERP, finance, procurement, and project professionals can derive insights from general ledger, spend, expenses, and assets data. This helps them to identify drivers of profitability, manage supplier risk, monitor costs, and improve payment performance.

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics 

Human resources professionals use it for improving decisions in workforce management, talent acquisition, performance management, retention, and payroll. Some features include analyzing team effectiveness, tracking diversity indicators, and comparing compensation plans.

Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics 

Supply chain professionals can extract data from Oracle Cloud SCM and uncover insights to improve efficiency across inventory, logistics and order management. This includes identifying demand trends, evaluating order fulfillment, and discovering OTC bottlenecks.

Oracle Fusion CX Analytics 

Oracle Fusion CX Analytics combines sales, marketing, and service into a unified view. Users can analyze margin and profitability, churn rate, and campaign performance.

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW) is available for all Fusion Analytics applications and provides a single analytics layer on top of all operational data across business functions. Users can track and measure their performance based on a single set of cross-organizational KPIs that are shared by different business functions. 

Built on top of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, the packaged service extracts data from Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. This is then loaded into an instance of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and used to create and customize dashboards in Oracle Analytics Cloud. 

FAW consists of a data pipeline, data warehouse, semantic model, and best-practice content such as pre-built KPI metrics, dashboards, and reports.  


Oracle Fusion Analytics is a family of cloud-native, pre-built analytics applications for analyzing data from Oracle Cloud Applications. Fusion Analytics Products include Fusion ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX Analytics for AI-powered, ready-to-use insights. 

With cross-departmental analysis, enterprises can have a holistic view of their data and improve performance. The product suite offers numerous features, such as a pre-built KPI library, continuous data refresh, extensibility, and rapid deployment. 

If you’re using Power BI for data visualization, BI Connector could be a great tool. You can directly connect Oracle Fusion Analytics Applications (ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX) with Power BI.

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