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BI Publisher Connector; The Best way to connect Power BI to Oracle Fusion data

BI Publisher Connector- The Best Way to Connect Power BI to Oracle Fusion Data

Most enterprises using Oracle Fusion Analytics Applications today are adopting a bimodal analytics approach- using Oracle database with self-service visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau. This ensures users have all their data consolidated in Oracle analytics platform and can also enjoy the advanced visualization capabilities of modern tools. 

However, this is not an easy process. Data analytics involves huge volumes of data, especially in enterprises. Further, most of the available methods like reengineering or extracting/importing data are time-consuming and expensive.

Understanding these challenges, we have introduced a groundbreaking innovation. Our new solution ‘BI Publisher Connector’ helps users to directly connect Power BI to Oracle Fusion database. It ensures data visualization with ease and efficiency. Data analysts and teams can stop spending their valuable time in manual efforts and focus on what matters.

So, what’s BI Publisher Connector? 

Keep reading this blog to know all about the solution. We explain its features, benefits, and availability.

Mitigating Challenges for Enhanced Visualization

Before we dive into BI Publisher Connector, let’s take a look at the pain points of Oracle users. 

The major challenge they face is not having a direct connectivity between Power BI and Oracle Fusion Analytics Apps (ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX). Data migration is an option but its time consuming and expensive. Even to have a subject area would take several months and involves approval of many stakeholders. 

Another method is extracting the data to an Excel or CSV file using SQL query and then importing to Power BI. Fetching huge volumes of data would take hours to finish. For instance, extract data at night for next day’s work. This is a tedious process and wastage of resources. 

Further, business users utilizing Oracle might not have the technical expertise to understand and write queries. 

In case they want to visualize data from custom data models instead of subject areas, they will have to depend on the IT team. These users would prefer an easy and no-code experience for data analysis and visualization.

With BI Publisher Connector, users need not worry about spending millions of dollars or hours to bring data to Power BI.

Connecting Power BI to Oracle Fusion Data

BI Publisher Connector is a unique solution that enables users to directly fetch data from database via data models. It helps visualize subject areas and analysis reports in Power BI. from Oracle Fusion Analytics apps (ERP, HCM, SCM, CX).

Users can also fetch data from custom data models within few minutes and circumvent the process of subject area analysis. With BI Publisher Connector, you can enjoy exceptional time and cost savings.

Better Performance with Feature-rich Solution

Here are the key features of BI Publisher Connector and how it’s the perfect solution for every data analyst working with Oracle Fusion data.

Direct connectivity to Data Models

With BI Publisher Connector, users can fetch data from the Oracle Fusion Cloud database and the physical layer of OBIEE/OAC/OAS. They can create custom data models and bring the data to Power BI in minutes.

Automate in Power BI Service

BI Publisher Connector is fully compatible with both Power BI Desktop and Service to Oracle Fusion Analytics apps. It also supports scheduled refresh in Power BI.

Easy setup

Users can have BI Publisher Connector downloaded and installed in their PC with few easy steps. It takes less than a minute and can get started right away.

User experience

Non-technical users can connect Power BI to Oracle Fusion data with a few standard steps.

Expert support

Our customer success team is available to resolve any queries regarding the use of BI Publisher Connector.

Enhanced Business Success with Deep Insights

Data analytics can help derive meaningful insights from data and improve decision making in organizations. With the right tools, you can tap into the full potential of analytics and enjoy better business outcomes.

Here are some of the benefits of BI Publisher Connector:

Error-free reporting & data visualization

Using the tool, users can automate visualization in Power BI and reduce human errors.

Exceptional time savings

This simple, easy-to-use connector takes only few minutes to transfer data to Power BI, the amount of time and effort saved is huge.

Reduced costs

BI Publisher Connector is a better choice than expensive migration process. Enterprises can save millions of dollars and also eliminate wasting of resources due to manual efforts.

Better productivity & performance

By having desired data visualizations, data professionals can focus on what matters. They can analyze data and derive insights, ultimately helping business success.


Most enterprises using Oracle in conjunction with Power BI for data visualization spend hours to extract data from Oracle and then import to Power BI. They also find it difficult to fetch data from custom data models. Reengineering would mean spending millions of dollars and is not an easy process. 

BI Publisher Connector is a one-of-its-kind solution that helps users directly connect Power BI to Oracle Fusion Analytics apps (ERP, HCM, SCM, CX) within minutes. It is compatible with both Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service. 

Some of the key features includes easy setup, no-code friendly user experience, and expert support. 

With BI Publisher Connector, users can enjoy exceptional time and cost savings, improved performance, and error-free reporting. 

To know more, check out the banner below.

BI Publisher Connector: Connect Power BI directly to Oracle BI data models in minutes

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