Microsoft Power BI vs Oracle Analytics Cloud 


Are you in a dilemma to choose between Microsoft Power BI or Oracle Analytics Cloud?  No problem! 

In this article, we compare the similarities and differences between Microsoft Power BI vs Oracle Analytics Cloud to help you choose the right approach for your business. 

Power BI vs Oracle Analytics Cloud


What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is an analytics tool that has reporting, data mining and data visualization capabilities.

It enables businesses to connect a variety of data sources and create their own dashboards and reports.

What is Oracle Analytics Cloud?

Oracle Analytics Cloud is an AI-powered solution that has robust reporting and analytics features.

It prepares and analyzes data for trends, then turns that data into an intuitive visualization for users to explore and share. 


Data Visualization

In comparison to OAC, Power BI has far advanced data visualization capabilities. 

Power BI has supports interactive data visualization with popular chart types, custom visualizations, and extensible SDKs. 

You can visualize knowledge graph analytics and visualization without third-party add-ins

Power BI also supports scenario and What-if Analysis

Advanced Analytics

Both Power BI & OAC have excellent advanced analytics capabilities.

Power BI brings the predictive power of advanced analytics to allow users to create predictive models from their data. 

Both the platforms include a complete machine learning model to build, deploy, and govern data processing. 

Both support real-time analytics with live streaming data sources


Microsoft Power BIOracle Analytics Cloud
Email NoYes
Live SupportNo Yes
TrainingYes Yes
TicketsYes (Pro edition)Yes

Mobile Capabilities

Microsoft Power BIOracle Analytics Cloud
With Microsoft Power BI app, monitor and access live business data anywhere, anytime. Oracle Analytics mobile applications enable you to view your Oracle Analytics content on the go.
Supports: Android & iOS.Supports: Android & iOS.
Mobile capabilities overview:Live, touch-enabled mobile access.View and interact with your Power BI dashboards.Collaborate and share.Filter a report by your geographic location.Scan QR codes with your app to be redirected to a Power BI dashboard or report.Mobile capabilities overview:Unified homepage to find insights quickly and easily.Visualize projects. Interact with data visualization projects intuitively.Launch dashboards and reports to interact with analytical content.Collaborate and share.Upload datasets.


Microsoft Power BIOracle Analytics Cloud
Free TrialYesLimited. Cloud Free Tier
Free VersionPower BI Desktop – FreeNo
Entry-level setup fee?NoNo
Starting Price$9.99 per user per month$80.00 per User per month
Editions & ModulesPower BI Pro $9.99/user/month Power BI Premium per user$20.00/user/month Power BI Premium per capacity – $4,995.00/month
OAC Professional: $80.00 (User per month).$1.0753 (OCPU per hour).
OAC Enterprise:$16.00 (User per month).$2.1506 (OCPU per hour).


Data processed in Power BI is by default encrypted using Microsoft-managed keys. 

  • Power BI stores customers’ data in Azure SQL databases. These data are encrypted using Azure SQL’s Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) technology.
  • Customer data stored in Azure Blob storage is encrypted using Azure Storage Encryption.

Data in Oracle Analytics Cloud is stored in Oracle Database Server, which is accessed through secured credentials. 

Oracle Analytics is built with intrinsic security and role-based access to safeguard critical data

Its security mechanism ensures compliance to safely share projects at the time of collaboration. 

Ease of Use

Power BI has very simple and easy to use Interface. 

No programming experience is required to use Power BI.

It has inbuilt intelligence which helps you to select attributes for your reports by suggesting the best reporting element.

OAC is less user-friendly and easy to use in comparison to Power BI.

Users with sufficient Excel knowledge will find it easy to use Power BI. Users without data visualization and analytics skills will find OAC complicated.

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OAC is strong in Data Preparation aspect at an Enterprise scale, while Power BI is great from a data visualization standpoint.

Analysts too are inclined toward data visualization tools such as Power BI or Tableau.

The feud between OAC and PowerBI/Tableau doesn’t need to go on. You can use these two tools in harmony. 

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