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BI Connector Oracle Data Visualization with Power_BI and Tableau Connector

BI Connector: Simplifying Oracle Data Visualization with Power BI & Tableau Connector


Data visualization has become quintessential in the business intelligence and data analytics field. Extraction of millions of data into tables and columns is just not enough. You need to represent data in visual form to identify patterns and derive actionable insights. 

The right visualization also enables stakeholders to understand data better and make informed decisions, regardless of their technical expertise. 

Data visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau takes this convenience to the next level with their self-service model. You can collect data from multiple sources and visualize them in any form–graph, chart, or maps. You no longer need to spend hours manually creating visualization or seek IT team’s help. 

BI Connector is a unique solution that helps Oracle BI/Analytics users to bring their data to Power BI and Tableau. Through this blog, we explore more about BI Connector, its features, and how to simplify Oracle data visualization.

What is BI Connector? 

For Oracle users, some of the options available to connect self-service tools with Oracle BI data include:

  1. Export/Import table from Excel

Extracting a huge dataset to Excel is a time-consuming manual process that can result in a range of errors. A user typically spends about 4 to 5 hours every week exporting data and fixing errors. When monetized, this time is roughly equal to $10,000/year for each user.   

  1. Migration to Power BI/Tableau

This is an expensive and risky method. The average cost of migrating one subject area from OBIEE to Tableau is estimated at $250,000. It also involves a long turnaround time of around 6 months.  

  1. Web data connectors

While there are many third-party web data connectors that connect Power BI or Tableau to OBIEE, most of them have significant limitations. Some may only support either Direct Query or Import modes. Version compatibility and row limitation issues are also prevalent. 

BI Connector was created to address these pain points and provide a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly method to analyze data and make data-driven decisions. 

BI Connector is a purpose-built and certified connector (64-bit ODBC driver) that integrates Oracle BI data sources with Power BI and Tableau.

With BI Connector, you can visualize subject areas and analysis reports from OBIEE, OAC, OAS, and OTBI in Power BI and Tableau. Users can also connect Oracle Fusion Analytics (HCM, SCM, ERP, and CX) to Power BI in minutes. 

We support different modes and versions in Power BI, providing flexibility and efficiency for clients. Users can:

  1. Connect to Oracle data in Import and Direct Query modes
  2.  Use Power BI Desktop or Server Edition based on their unique needs

Similarly, in Tableau, clients can:

  1. Connect using Live and Extract Query Mode 
  2. Connect from both Tableau Server and Desktop 

BI Connector can be downloaded for free and provides clients with a 30-day free trial (no credit card required).

Features of BI Connector

BI Connector is one of the most efficient tools to connect Power BI and Tableau to Oracle data. Here are some of the features of BI Connector:

1. Real-time access

BI Connector empowers clients to connect data from Oracle BI and visualize it in real time. 

2. Scheduled automatic refresh 

BI Connector supports scheduled refresh via On-premise Gateway for Power BI, eliminating the need to press the refresh button constantly. Users can also opt for live connectivity as needed.

3. Reuse the underlying table joins

Users can retain the relationships created in OBIEE and reuse them in Power BI and Tableau data models according to their needs.

4. Connect to the existing Analysis

With BI Connector, users can easily connect to the existing analysis reports and subject areas in Oracle BI/Analytics platforms.

5. Automate the reports for end users in Cloud

Users can also automate data analysis reports and schedule them for end users in the cloud. BI Connector has a Server Edition as well.

Benefits of BI Connector

1. Certified connector

BI Connector is certified by Power BI and Tableau. This ensures that the solution meets the required standards of these platforms and helps users connect their data without any worries.

2. Compatibility with all Power BI and Tableau clients

As mentioned, BI Connector is compatible with all Power BI/Tableau clients and supports all license plans. Further, the solution works in any released version, providing an all-in-one experience for users.

3. Ease of setup 

BI Connector is easy to set up and no-code friendly. The basic steps include:

  1. Download and install the connector. 
  2. After installation, create connections to your OAC via the ODBC console.

The entire process will only take a few minutes, and users can start immediately.

4. User experience 

BI Connector is a great tool for non-technical users, enabling them to start near the finish line. With a few standard steps, they can retain the OBIEE data model and visualize data hassle-free—no need to know the exact key connecting tables or copy query for each report. 

5. Cost and time savings

BI Connector is a cost-effective solution compared to other methods. The license fee is flexibly priced based on the client’s needs. Users can also visualize data in a few minutes, ensuring cost, time, and resource savings.

How does BI Connector work?

BI Connector leverages a proprietary technology to connect data visualization tools with Oracle BI data securely. Check out the reference architecture below. You can also read more about it here. The solution is highly secure as users must enter their OBIEE credentials to connect data and its not stored anywhere.

Reference Architecture Power BI to OBIEE via BI Connector


BI Connector offers flexible and cost-efficient pricing plans. Users can choose the required subscription based on the number of CPU cores in the On-premise Gateway (starting from 8 cores). Our plans are:

  1. Fusion Cloud One
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise

BI Connector is free to download and offers a fully-featured 30-day free trial with instant access to a complimentary onboarding session. Users can also schedule a free demo and watch BI Connector in action. 

Through the POC accelerator program, our support team will help you with your proof-of-concept, ensuring successful evaluation and deployment. 

You can also access our knowledge base to read step-by-step installation guides and resources for various use cases. 


If you’re an Oracle user struggling to connect Power BI/Tableau to OBIEE data, BI Connector is an excellent tool. BI Connector empowers users to bring their data from OBIEE, OAC, OAS, OTBI, and Oracle Fusion Analytics (HCM, SCM, ERP, and CX) to Power BI and Tableau. 

As a certified Power BI connector, it connects data in Direct and Import Query mode and supports Power BI Desktop and Server Editions. In the case of Tableau, users can connect to Tableau Server and Desktop in Live and Extract Query modes. 

Further, BI Connector is easy to set up and saves cost and time for data analytics professionals. You can start visualizing data in a few minutes. To get started, check out the banner below.

Download BI Connector

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Fully featured 30-day free trial. No credit card is required.

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