Month: December 2020

BI Connector is made a little more awesome with the release of v5.3!  Yes, from BI Connector v5.3, the below capabilities are available: Smooth Data volume Handling Actionable error messages Email alerts for errors (if any) in the server instances Let’s see each of them in detail. Smooth Data Volume Handling From BI Connector v5.3, […]

When you connect Power BI to Oracle BI (OBIEE/OAC/OAS) via BI Connector, you might wonder which connectivity mode works better – Import or Direct Query? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to choose between Import and Direct Query modes. Choosing between both these modes depends heavily on OBIEE’s query execution time. Let’s dive into […]

Introduction In this blog post, we’ll compare Power BI and OBIEE, and evaluate them both in 4 critical aspects of a Business Intelligence tool. Let’s begin with a short introduction to Power BI and OBIEE! OBIEE Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a traditional BI platform from Oracle. Oracle OBIEE is used by large […]

Power BI is one of the market-leading self-service analytics tools, which can successfully complement the data visualization limitations of OBIEE. With BI Connector’s Power BI OBIEE Connector, the users can securely and seamlessly connect Power BI to Oracle BI (OBIEE, OAC, and OAS), in minutes! Though most users are well aware of the BI Connector […]

Power BI is one of the leading self-service data visualization tools that can easily complement OBIEE’s data visualization limitations through BI Connector. When connecting Power BI to an OBIEE (or OAC/OAS) report, the users don’t require to retain the joins in OBIEE Subject Areas as they’re already accessing the reports as a flat table. However, […]

Your Key Takeaway In this blog post, you’ll know how to overcome OBIEE’s data visualization limitations without cumbersome excel exports or expensive re-engineering.  If you’re not familiar with OBIEE, no worries! We’ll go from scratch. First, we’ll cover what’s OBIEE, followed by its architecture and features, with a quick analysis of its pros and cons. […]

Organizations using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) are connecting data visualization tools (such as Tableau, Power BI) to OBIEE for simplifying data visualization. Some organizations, despite moving to OAC/OAS, still prefer connecting Power BI to OAC or OAS as well, as many users prefer sticking to Power BI. But the question is – Will […]