Month: October 2021

Businesses today generate data almost every moment.  Data is not only generated in internal business systems, but also from external systems such as social media platforms, IoT devices, public data, etc. Hence, Data management is mission-critical for every organization in today’s fast-paced business environment.  A solid data management practice is essential not only for adding […]

Do you have a standardized Power BI release process dealing with Development, UAT, and Production environments?  If yes, you have probably dealt with the pain of syncing the Power BI content in different environments. Most Power BI Developers deal with one or more pre-live environments with dummy datasets to ensure the reports and dashboards work […]

What is Power BI? Power BI is Microsoft’s BI and Analytics platform. It is the most widely used data visualization tool and has penetrated into almost all industries and geographies, in less than a decade. Power BI, due to its affordability, drastically increased the user base for data visualization tools. The new normal is that […]