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Webinar: Live Demo of Tableau, Power BI and Qlik to OBIEE BI Connector

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BI Connector webinar.

What is your favorite visual analytics tool:  Tableau? Power BI? Qlik? Anything else? Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik are great choices, but if your organization uses OBIEE 11g or 12c as the enterprise data warehouse and reporting platform, it is almost certain that you’d be spending hours and days every month moving data from OBIEE […]

It is a well-established fact that business users are rapidly adopting visual analytics tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik. These tools are easy to learn and offer powerful data analysis capabilities. What they lack is the enterprise data model that exists in legacy BI tools like OBIEE. Companies have invested several million dollars into […]

Six Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Data Visualization Tools

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Has creating reports with traditional business intelligence tools such as OBIEE, Business Objects, Cognos, and MicroStrategy become tedious and time-consuming?  You’re not alone. More up-to-date data visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik are increasingly becoming more popular amongst both business and IT users and for valid reasons. Often, these tools can help […]

BI Connector Interviews Dave Wells on the Power of Data Storytelling

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A BI Connector interview on data storytelling with Dave Wells of the Eckerson Group. Why do you think that the concept of data storytelling is important, particularly now with so many available data visualization tools? Data storytelling is absolutely critical because many people create visuals that are a bit ambiguous and subject to interpretation. It […]

Top 5 Ways To Become a Tableau Ninja for OBIEE

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More and more businesses are accessing OBIEE data just as they would access a CSV or SQL database using Tableau and BI Connector. But often enough, mistakes are still occurring when creating reports and extracting OBIEE to Tableau, resulting in time-consuming labor, and often inefficient outcomes. BI Connector has transformed not only time-scaled workflow, but […]


Forrester’s recent research report on BI governance, Divide (BI Governance From Data Governance) and Conquer, highlights a dilemma faced by BI organizations: Agile BI applications and shadow IT environments are multiplying like rabbits.  While they are flexible and responsive, they are hard to govern.   Is it possible for organizations to have both agile BI and BI governance? […]

Are You Putting Your OBIEE Data at Risk When Using Tableau?

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The Pros and Cons of DIY With more people data coding than ever before – and many learning at home – intelligence auditing has become a more voluminous industry than ever before. On the darker side, it’s also become one that’s induced patchy self-made programs which can not only be defeasible, but potentially dangerous to […]

Are You Wasting Time Transferring Data from OBIEE to Tableau?

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According to Information Age, artificial intelligence is soon set to far outweigh slower manual services that humans provide: 2017 is set to be the year of automation. In particular, administrative and reporting work have been sought out as two of the top industries in which automated processes have seen more efficient and profitable results in comparison […]

3 Apps to Get the Most Out of Tableau

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Dashboard visualization is data’s next big thing. Our natural processing capabilities simply work better in response to well-presented information – and programs like Tableau have soon caught on. With state-of-the art and highly operative graphics, it seems that Tableau can somehow transform big data into something beautiful to look at. But more importantly, it carries […]

Tableau Conference 2016: Experience BI as a Data Source

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BI connector in Tableau Conference 2016 at Austin Texas

BI connector is excited to sponsor the Tableau Conference 2016 at Austin, Texas from November 7 to 10.   Stop by  Booth#703, Expo Hall 5 to learn how BI connector can help you to: Speed up Self-service Analytics Reduce errors Maximize ROI Boost Data Governance Learn how you can connect from Tableau to your traditional BI applications such […]