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How to Get Started with BI Connector Evaluation

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BI Connector has opened a plethora of options for companies to visualize OBIEE subject areas and reports in modern visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik. Many leading organizations around the world have evaluated and purchased BI Connector desktop and server edition to simplify access to OBIEE data warehouse. As a BI Manager or […]

View the Webinar: 7 Best Practices for Connecting Power BI to OBIEE

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7 Best Practices of Connecting Power BI to OBIEE

Looking to connect Power BI to OBIEE and using it as your primary visualization tool? If your organization uses OBIEE 11g or 12c as the enterprise data warehouse and reporting platform, it is almost certain that you’d be spending hours and days every month moving data from OBIEE into your favorite tool. An average user […]

Visualize OBIEE With Tableau, Power BI, & Qlik in Minutes.

In this webinar, we discuss how you can “Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Create Visually Appealing Reports from OBIEE Subject Areas and Reports.”  There is currently an important trend that is taking place amongst many organizations who are using OBIEE as their BI reporting tool. We’re gradually seeing more businesses adopting Tableau, Power BI, and […]

BI Connector v3.8 is Released, Check Out the New Features!

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New BI Connector v3.8 Release.

BI Connector v3.8 is Released Over at BI Connector, we continue to work towards improving our products in order to give you the best experience when it comes to visualizing OBIEE data. That is why we are happy to inform you that BI Connector v3.8 has just been released. BI Connector v3.8 offers two new […]

An easy way to connect Qlik Sense to OBIEE Subject Areas using BI Connector

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Connect Qlik Sense to OBIEE Subject Areas using BI Connector.

Qlik Sense is a great high-performance tool that is able to visualize data since it uses “in-memory” data indexing technology. In this blog, we will explore ways on how we can visualize data by connecting Qlik Sense to OBIEE Subject Areas using BI Connector. Creating Subject Area DSN Create a DSN with BI Connector in […]

How to accelerate BI integration in Merger & Acquisitions

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BI Connector Mergers & Acquisition

When three Fortune-500 companies joined together to create a single $19 billion enterprise data storage solutions provider, it was up to the mergers and acquisitions team to deal with the most challenging component of the transition. They needed to devise a plan for integrating the three thousand applications and IT systems from its three multi-billion […]

BI Connector Interviews Dave Wells on the Power of Data Storytelling

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A BI Connector interview on data storytelling with Dave Wells of the Eckerson Group. Why do you think that the concept of data storytelling is important, particularly now with so many available data visualization tools? Data storytelling is absolutely critical because many people create visuals that are a bit ambiguous and subject to interpretation. It […]

BI Connector Beta v3.0 Launches Today!

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Today we are excited to announce the availability of the beta version of BI Connector v3.0, the next generation BI data virtualization connector solution. What’s New in BI Connector v3.0 BI connector v3.0 helps business users connect seamlessly from their favorite visual analytics tools such as Tableau and Power BI to their enterprise data in […]

Connect Power BI to OBIEE Subject Area and Reports

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Connect Power BI to OBIEE

We are excited to announce the beta version of BI connector for Power BI – OBIEE Subject Area + Reports Connector.   BI connector is an easy-to-use tool that solves the time consuming problems faced by Power BI users who are looking to visualize OBIEE data with Power BI.  It also solves the data governance challenges faced […]

Top 5 Ways To Become a Tableau Ninja for OBIEE

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More and more businesses are accessing OBIEE data just as they would access a CSV or SQL database using Tableau and BI Connector. But often enough, mistakes are still occurring when creating reports and extracting OBIEE to Tableau, resulting in time-consuming labor, and often inefficient outcomes. BI Connector has transformed not only time-scaled workflow, but […]