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BI Connector v4.x End-of-Life Support:
Everything You Need to Know

The BI Connector versions v4.x (and below) will reach the end of life on August 12, 2022. The BI Connector license server for these versions will be shut down on that date. So, if you’re using v4.x on your machine, now is the right time to upgrade to v5.x. Please take a few minutes to […]

Tableau Certified BI Connector Plugin (Beta Version) is Available Now!

Businesses of all sizes rely on Tableau to meet their BI and Analytics needs. The 3 major reasons for the wide adoption of Tableau is its data visualizations, user-friendliness, and connectivity to a wide variety of data sources. In fact, Tableau offers connectivity to traditional BI platforms such as Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) […]

BI Connector v5.2 is released, Now Supports Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) SSO

BI Connector connects self-service data visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau to: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) all of which are usually referred to as Oracle BI. The BI Connector users must enter their Oracle BI Server credentials to successfully connect their preferred data […]

BI Connector v5.0 is Released, Connect Excel to OBIEE and Self-service License Management

BI Connector version 5.0 released on August 31, 2020. The release has made BI Connector better on 2 aspects: New features Ease of use Let’s see what are the new capabilities and how we have enhanced the user convenience in using BI Connector. New features BI Connector now enables users to connect from new apps […]

Connecting Power BI to OBIEE: How BI Connector Bridges the Gap?

Organizations using OBIEE are adopting the bimodal analytics approach to effectively complement the data visualization limitations in OBIEE with self-service analytics tools like Power BI. Some organizations have even switched to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) but still want to connect Power BI to OAC, as a significant number of users (who are already well-acquainted with […]

BI Connector v4.11 is released, Notification for Upgrading to the Latest Version

BI Connector is improving steadily with every release. At each release, the BI Connector team ensures the product gets a step closer to the users’ needs and wants. Hence, we highly recommend for the users to download and use the latest available version, in order to make the most of BI Connector. However, most users […]

BI Connector V4.10 is released, Non-disruptive Upgrade and Quick Navigation Options

From BI Connector’s recent release v4.10, the users can upgrade to future versions of BI Connector without manual uninstallation of the existing version.  We’ve also made another useful update in v4.10 that allows users to access the Advanced Settings and license activation windows directly from the start menu! Let’s take a look at these updates […]

BI Connector V4.9 is Released, Configure BI Connector With Command Line Interface (CLI)

With BI Connector V4.9, users can perform a range of actions in BI Connector using the Command Line Interface (CLI). If you’re looking for an unattended/automated configuration of BI Connector, this release is a great time-saver and efficiency-booster for you! You’ll just need to save the required data for each command in JSON format, and […]

BI Connector V4.8 is Released, Simplified Log Tracing And Enhanced Connection Diagnostics

We’re excited to announce the release of BI Connector V4.8. The new version includes a simple log tracing feature and a self-diagnostics feature for troubleshooting OBIEE/OAC connection issues. Here’s a quick snapshot of these updates! Simplified Log Tracing Prior to 4.8, many BI Connector users were facing challenges in generating logs for reproducible issues. We […]

How Oliver Wyman Empowered Users with Self-service Visualization and Automated Data Flow from OBIEE to Tableau with BI Connector

Erick Nizard, the Director of Data and Analytics at Oliver Wyman faced a showstopper problem. The Tableau to Oracle Business Intelligence(OBIEE) web data connector that his company tried to use for about a year literally stopped working when they upgraded to the 2019 version of Tableau. His users were stuck and they had to look […]