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Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC): 5 Best Practices For Data Modeling

Data-driven decision-making is inevitable in today’s business world.  Companies of all sizes are investing heavily in data visualization tools and analytics platforms such as Oracle Analytics Cloud or OAC. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC): Jumpstart Guide >> Though data visualizations play a critical role in uncovering insights, they rely heavily on data models to get the […]

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC): The Jumpstart Guide

Introduction Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), as the name indicates, is a cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics platform from Oracle. The organizations using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) are rapidly migrating to OAC. The major reason behind the migration is usually OAC’s self-service data visualization features, which OBIEE lacks. Though Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) […]