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5 Mandatory Requirements of a Tableau to OBIEE Connector

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a traditional BI platform with robust data management capabilities. However, OBIEE falls too short of the user expectations from the data visualization and self-service standpoints . Tableau is a powerful data visualization platform with strong self-service capabilities and a wide user-adoption. Many organizations using OBIEE prefer connecting a […]

Canadian Health Organization Empowers its Remote Workers with Tableau to OBIEE Connectivity for Self-service Visualization

Organizations are fast-tracking many strategic and time-sensitive decisions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The top management personnel across all industries and public organizations around the globe are now focused on: Business continuity Employee safety and compliance Maintaining the stakeholders’ trust  Strengthening finance and operations Cutting costs  Maximizing sales and revenue In this unforeseen […]

5 Quick Ways to Export Data from Tableau View onto Excel

Tableau users often come across scenarios where they need to export data from Tableau into Excel.  Tableau allows users to choose between exporting the filtered data underlying a visualization or the whole dataset from a data source. Tableau also provides the flexibility to export the data to Excel in multiple formats.  In this blog post, we’ll […]

3 Ways to Improve Tableau Dashboard Interactiveness Using Parameter Actions

Parameter Actions is one of the many exciting features Tableau has introduced in recent months. It enables you to change a parameter value through direct interaction with your chart. Here are the 3 different ways of implementing parameter actions in your Tableau dashboards. 📌 [Tableau Hacks] Saving Dashboard Space With Hidden Containers >> Dynamic Date […]

3 Ways To Optimize Space Usage In Tableau Dashboard Using Hidden Containers

Hidden containers are one of the features in Tableau that optimizes space utilization on a dashboard and improves its interactiveness. There are several uses for this feature and this article will look at some ways you can spice up your dashboard with hidden containers. [Tableau Hacks] Improving Dashboard With Set Actions >> Using hidden containers […]

How Oliver Wyman Empowered Users with Self-service Visualization and Automated Data Flow from OBIEE to Tableau with BI Connector

Erick Nizard, the Director of Data and Analytics at Oliver Wyman faced a showstopper problem. The Tableau to Oracle Business Intelligence(OBIEE) web data connector that his company tried to use for about a year literally stopped working when they upgraded to the 2019 version of Tableau. His users were stuck and they had to look […]

3 Ways to Enhance Tableau Dashboard Interactiveness using Set Actions

Using Tableau Set Actions in Your Work You may have previously used sets in Tableau to create a subset of your data or to group your data based on some predefined conditions. At the row level, individual records are either in or out of the set. There are two types of sets: fixed and dynamic. […]

5 Quick Tips to Deliver a Decision-aiding Tableau Story

Tableau’s interactive dashboards are great tools for scrutinizing mountains of data, and uncovering hidden insights.  However, when you want to communicate your findings to an audience, showing them a series of visualizations in a sequence can help them quickly understand the your data story. A Tableau story is a series of visualizations that are combined […]

Stay tuned, BI Connector is soon to be a Tableau certified connector for OBIEE.

The need for Tableau certified Connector for OBIEE BI Connector provides an easy and efficient solution to transition users from OBIEE to Tableau, Tableau Prep, Power BI and Qlik. Regardless of whether you plan to retain OBIEE or migrate eventually from OBIEE to the new visualization platform, BI Connector enables users to visualize OBIEE subject […]

There is an incredibly easy way to prepare OBIEE data with Tableau Prep and BI Connector

I love preparing and cleaning data – said No one! Data Preparation is the most abhorred task that causes nightmares to data scientists. According to IDC, data scientists spend 26 hours per week cleaning and preparing the data for analysis. No wonder data preparation evokes such strong feelings among the data community. Fortunately, there is […]